About NZ Health Partnerships

EHARA TAKU TOA, TOA HE TAKITAHI, HE TOA TAKITINI – My success should not be bestowed on me alone, as it was not individual success but the success of a collective

Working smarter, together, is increasingly important in the health sector to enable better health outcomes for all New Zealanders.

Together we can make a difference. That’s why the country’s 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) created NZ Health Partnerships. By thinking, acting and investing collaboratively, DHBs can achieve greater results and outcomes than they would by operating independently.

Through working with the DHBs and key stakeholders, we identify and build shared services to benefit our country’s health sector, allowing more to be spent on our critical frontline services.

Our strategic focus and day-to-day work also aligns to Government’s commitment to health and wellbeing, through the equitable and efficient availability of resources and parity of healthcare experience across the country. We do this through our cohesive national, collective approach to shared functions.

FastFacts – 2020 annual results

  • Overall record result for 2020 – annualised benefits delivered include $26.8m
  • COVID-19 response included achieving an estimated $30m (cost avoidance) benefit for the country
  • National Procurement
    • Systematic approach to procuring clinical and indirect products, and services
    • Managed Food Services Agreement
      • DELIVERED $15.9m total annualised benefits (FY2019/20)
  • Shared Banking
    • Negotiated best deal for all DHBs
    • Identified and negotiated to enhance, streamline services
    • Managed contract with sector’s banker (BNZ)
      • DELIVERED $5.1m total annualised benefits (FY2019/20)
  • Collective Insurance
    • Negotiated best deal for all DHBs via insurance broker (Marsh)
    • Managed contract between Marsh and DHBs, including DHBs’ subsidiaries
      • DELIVERED $5.8m total annualised benefits (FY2019/20)

Supporting DHBs to provide the best possible healthcare to their communities