Health Finance Procurement and Information Management System

The Health Finance Procurement and Information Management System (FPIM) is the Oracle-based software and hardware that supports DHBs’ day-to-day finance, procurement and supply chain operations. This was previously called the National Oracle Solution.

The software manages how goods and services are sourced, ordered, delivered, stored, used and paid for. The hardware keeps the system stable and secure.

FPIM will help achieve procurement savings at scale by implementing a national product and service catalogue across all DHBs, with a shared data repository, chart of accounts and purchasing compliance framework.

Consolidating and analysing DHB purchasing against the national catalogue will allow PHARMAC to conduct market-share procurement on medical devices, as well as providing the data to identify opportunities for significant savings in other areas such as capital equipment and non-medical products and services.


The FPIM application (software) is live in four DHBs – Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, Waikato and West Coast. A central FPIM service team enhances the system, provides security updates and fixes bugs on behalf of these customers.

The central team also provides a master data service. Starting with the four live DHBs, it is building the national catalogue which includes all suppliers, individual products and services, prices, and contracts, used by DHBs. This data is coded and classified to agreed data standards. Ensuring DHBs comply with both the data standards and purchasing from the national catalogue is the key to unlocking procurement savings.

Cabinet approved the FPIM business case on Monday 24 June. This provides the mandate required to build the IT infrastructure required to mitigate DHBs’ risk, as well as to accelerate the work underway around enhancing the IT support and master data services.