Health Finance, Procurement and Information Management System


Our FPIM team is ambitious and driven to deliver outstanding results. We are the FPIM delivery partner for the Ministry of Health (MoH). FPIM is the Oracle-based software and hardware platform which supports District Health Boards’ (DHBs) day-to-day finance, procurement and supply chain operations. The software manages how goods and services are sourced, ordered, delivered, stored, used and paid for. The hardware keeps the systems stable and secure.

FPIM has three workstreams:

  1. FPIM Oracle Programme
    To address risks from end-of-life systems for 10 DHBs, we implemented a single, up-to-date Oracle-based FPIM solution and shared infrastructure. While the programme has a technology component, it is really about business transformation and we are working closely with our customers to ensure robust change management practices
  2. FPIM Operational Service
    Day-to-day business support function to FPIM customers to deliver enhancements, bug fixes, issue resolution and training solutions
  3. Health System Catalogue (HSC)
    This 21-month programme of work will deliver a single national procurement catalogue, national data standards, a central data repository of actual spend on medical devices, known as the spend data repository (SDR), and a framework for procurement compliance. All 20 DHBs will be able to benefit from the catalogue’s implementation. The HSC supports the common goal of enabling the best possible health outcomes for New Zealand from limited funding resources, and will allow contract owners to refine and implement strategies for spend management, specifically in the area of medical devices.

    These enablers will deliver potential savings of $37 million a year.