National Infrastructure Platform

District Health Boards are changing the way they manage their IT infrastructure by moving to the Government-mandated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model.

All the country’s DHBs can benefit from this managed and hosted solution as it increases security and reliability while reducing the risk of critical outages. DHBs can choose from one of three approved panel providers, namely Datacom, IBM or Revera.

The National Infrastructure Platform (NIP) programme supported DHBs with the planning for their move to IaaS.


NIP closed on 30 June 2017 after successfully delivering all artefacts. The programme team worked with 12 participating DHBs and two regional entities, and delivered a document suite comprising 13 white-paper-style guides each focused on a key area. The guides continue to support DHBs transitioning to IaaS, as well as helping project teams make decisions, solve problems and ensure all key areas of an IaaS solution are considered.