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20 December 2016

Contract variation to National Infrastructure Platform for DHBs

NZ Health Partnerships has today announced the next steps for the National Infrastructure Platform (NIP), which will provide more flexibility for District Health Boards (DHBs) in the consumption of IT services.

The NIP is the IT infrastructure which hosts the applications and systems DHBs use every day in the delivery of health care. The DHBs will use the All of Government mandated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which enables them to purchase their computing infrastructure on demand, reducing the need for and associated cost of maintaining their own IT hardware.

“NZ Health Partnerships has agreed a variation to the existing contract with IBM as a result of project delays. This will allow DHBs to consume services from the other approved IaaS panel suppliers as well as IBM’s platform which has recently completed full government certification,” NZ Health Partnerships’ Chief Executive Megan Main says.

“The programme will consolidate DHBs’ current 40 data centres of varying sizes and ages to more centralised and modern data centres which will increase security, reliability, service levels, and reduce the risk of critical outages,” Ms Main says.

NZ Health Partnerships is working closely with DHBs on the go-forward programme to meet the sector’s IT infrastructure needs.

There has been no impact on DHB frontline services through this process, nor have the delays increased costs for DHBs.


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