Governance Groups

Our programmes and services are run collaboratively with DHBs, who are our owners and customers. DHB leaders and other experts contribute both time and expertise to ensure our work meets the needs of the health sector.

Each of our programmes and services has its own governance and advisory structures. These include one DHB Chief Executive as sponsor for each of our programmes and services.

Our Chief Executive Sponsors are:

Our various governance and advisory groups also include many other DHB leaders such as CFOs, CIOs, facilities managers, procurement and supply chain experts, dietitians and other clinicians.

These groups, where appropriate, also include senior representatives from other organisations such as PHARMAC, the Department of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Health.

Our governance model actually starts at the NZHP Board level. We have four DHB Chairs on our Board, one from each DHB region. We also have three Independent Directors. Click here for more details.

Below is a summary of our Governance Groups and their roles:


CE Sponsor

DHB Position of Sponsor

Food Services

Jim Green

Chief Executive Hauora Tairawhiti

National Oracle Solution

David Meates

Chief Executive Canterbury and West Coast

National Procurement

Peter Bramley (interim)

Kevin Snee (interim)

Chief Executive Nelson Marborough

Chief Executive Hawke’s Bay

Banking and Insurance

Nigel Trainer

Chief Executive South Canterbury

Forum Purpose Participants
Annual Plan Shareholders Meeting Sign off strategic direction and annual plan/budget based on mandate from DHB Boards. All 20 DHB Chairs and Chief Executives
Extra-Ordinary Shareholders Meeting Approvals outside annual plan and decisions on releasing DHB(s) from participation or major transactions. All 20 DHB Chairs and Chief Executives
NZ Health Partnerships Board Board is responsible for delivery of portfolio of initiatives in Annual Plan, core budget and performance within parameters of annual plan. If decision exceeds this mandate then extra-ordinary Shareholders Hui needs to be convened. All escalations from within the portfolio to be resolved by the Board. 4 Regional DHB Chairs and 3 Independent Directors
NZ Health Partnerships Chief Executive Responsible for delivering and managing portfolio operationally, including achievement of time/budget constraints for programmes and target service levels for operational services. Carries out appointment of programme and services resources, manages vendor contracts and facilitates DHB co-creation and engagement. NZ Health Partnerships CE is the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) for all initiatives in the NZ Health Partnerships Portfolio and may delegate operational leadership to members of the management team. NZ Health Partnerships Chief Executive is appointed by the NZ Health Partnerships Board
Chief Executive Sponsors Group Provides a sounding board for CEO Sponsors to ensure that initiative level decisions are relevant and aligned. Also provides support to NZ Health Partnerships CE in delivering the portfolio. Not a decision-making body but collectively is concerned about protecting the collective DHBs’ investment in the portfolio and realising benefits. All DHB CEs sponsoring an opportunity, programme or service category within the NZ Health Partnerships portfolio. Chaired by NZ Health Partnerships CE
Chief Executives Forum Responsible for building collective agreement and alignment across the sector and engaging with individual DHBs to keep them informed and able to make required decisions/ endorsements. Key decisions should be reviewed by the Forum prior to formal NZ Health Partnerships Board approval. All Chief Executives (including NZ Health Partnerships CE)
DHB Executive Oversee the nomination process for CEO Sponsors and ensure regional mix and widespread acceptability of members of governance groups chaired by CEO sponsors. As per DHB Shared Services terms of reference
CEO Programme Sponsors Responsible for sponsoring major programmes on behalf of the sector’s Chief Executives within scope approved by NZ Health Partnerships Board. Provides strategic direction for programme removes roadblocks and leads change into DHBs. Responsible for monitoring that DHB investment in the programme delivers target benefits. Liaises with NZ Health Partnerships CE to keep programme on track. Jointly escalates risks and issues to NZHP Board. Accountable to CE Forum on funding and sector alignment matters. CEO Sponsors are nominated by CE Forum (against clear role profile). Chairs the relevant Programme Steering Committee. Programme Managers have dotted reporting lines to CEO Sponsors
Programme Steering Committees Drive programme delivery to achieve budget, timeframe and expected outcomes. Approve appropriate programme structure, oversee requirements for design, build, implementation and transition phases. Level of participation depends on scope and impact of programme. Members Steering Committees to be nominated by CEO Sponsor and NZ Health Partnerships CE, endorsed by NZ Health Partnerships Board
CEO Service Sponsors Sponsorship of an operational service category across the sector. Responsible for monitoring that DHB investment in the service category delivers target benefits and removal of roadblocks. Liaises with NZ Health Partnerships CE to keep service on track. Jointly escalates risks and issues to NZHP Board. Accountable to CE Forum on funding and sector alignment matters. CEO Sponsor is nominated by CE Forum (against clear role profile). Chairs the relevant Service Performance Review Board
Service Performance Review Boards Service level monitoring and performance improvement for each live service. Review membership on annual basis. CE level representation is required until service is operationally stable