Key reporting documents such as the Statement of Intent, Statement of Performance Expectations and Annual Report will be available here in due course.
01 July 2015

NZ Health Partnerships Launched Today

NZ Health Partnerships, a multi-parent Crown subsidiary that is led, supported and owned by New Zealand’s 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) launched today.

Established and operated as a co-operative undertaking, NZ Health Partnerships’ purpose is to enable DHBs to collectively maximise shared services opportunities for the National Good.

Operating under DHB-led Board and programme governance structures, NZ Health Partnerships works in a commercial manner within a public sector environment.

Its core operations centre on the continued development and implementation of four programmes that it has taken over from Health Benefits Limited. The programmes are Finance Procurement and Supply Chain, the National Infrastructure Platform, Food Services and Linen & Laundry Services.

The Company also manages the DHBs’ shared banking and insurance arrangements. In time, DHBs may task it to identify, incubate and implement new initiatives.

The NZ Health Partnerships Board is currently made up of an independent interim Chair, Sue Suckling, and four directors, Dr Lee Mathias, Phil Sunderland, Deryck Shaw and Murray Cleverley, who are all DHB Chairs.

Recruitment is underway for three independent directors, with the first full Board meeting expected to be held in mid-August 2015. The Board will then nominate a permanent Chair, for approval by all DHBs, to replace Ms Suckling who will stand aside after the Company’s first 90-days.

Jo Hogan has been appointed NZ Health Partnerships’ acting Chief Executive for the first 90-days.