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28 September 2021

NZHP welcomes procurement, health expert to head special projects

Pete Young has joined the NZ Health Partnerships National Procurement team in the newly created role of Commissioning Manager. 

With both extensive international and local experience in healthcare and procurement, Pete will focus on special opportunity projects, which go beyond the team’s usual scope of work. 

Pete Young, NZ Health Partnerships
Pete Young, Commissioning Manager, NZ Health Partnerships

“This is an exciting new role which I can grow as I help develop opportunities in areas the team potentially has not focused on before,” says Pete. 

Originally from the UK, Pete arrived in New Zealand in 1999 joining South Auckland Health as Radiology Group Manager, after 10 years at Philips Medical Systems. He has also held procurement roles in telecommunications at Vodafone New Zealand, Vodafone Global in Luxembourg and Spark. He then spent five years at Air New Zealand before taking on an operational leadership role at Fletcher Construction. 

“During my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn a great deal about procurement from around the world, as well as about managing various stakeholders and working in partnership with suppliers to deliver value for customers.  

“For instance, at Vodafone Global, I had to implement a strategy across 20 different subsidiaries and quickly learned the importance of paying attention to what matters to different stakeholders – such as ensuring the helpdesk spoke their language. Meanwhile, through my Air New Zealand experience, I learned the value of working in partnership with suppliers and having customers as the focal point in what we deliver. 

“I bring this strong commercial focus to my role to ensure we deliver the best service for our customers – the DHBs – and, ultimately, patients.” 

Commissioning is a new area for NZHP, and the type of projects Pete will oversee will be highly customised to deliver for NZHP customers.  

Says GM National Procurement, Rod Treadwell: “Commissioning differs from our traditional approach to procurement in that it focusses more on achieving direct outcomes for our customers rather than providing inputs into what our customers do.  

“This is a growing area and will expand further once Health New Zealand takes shape next year.”