Our Strategy

Through understanding our customers’ unique needs and forming outcome-driven partnerships with others in the sector, we are building both our existing services as well as enablers for sector change.

We know there is considerable opportunity to create sustainable value for health through the work we do.

This is reflected in our 2021-2024 Business Plan, which identifies our three strategic pillars – CONNECT, ANALYSE and REALISE – as well as what we are passionate about achieving for both our customers and, in turn, New Zealanders.

Our strategic pillars

CONNECT – a more connected health system

  • Modern, fit-for-purpose finance, procurement and supply chain system that mitigates risk for 80% of population
  • Foundations for future change
  • Truly collaborative, longer-term focused procurement incl. governance, planning and operating model
  • Active strategic partnerships utilising complementary expertise

ANALYSE – Better data, better systems, for better health outcomes

  • Unlocking present and future value from products and services we purchase
  • Better information to make better decisions
  • Quicker, safer, more effective patient treatment
  • Improved pandemic response
  • Reduced processing times, costs and administrative errors
  • Future
    • Supply chain optimisation, product traceability and recall, demand modelling

REALISE – High-performance at home

  • Active investment in NZHP procurement & data concepts / ideas
  • Service provider of choice
  • NZHP operational excellence
  • Quality leadership and talent
  • Recognised thought leadership
  • Strong relationships and engagement
  • Financial stability