Key reporting documents such as the Statement of Intent, Statement of Performance Expectations and Annual Report will be available here in due course.
20 January 2021

Update to the Sector January 2021

Welcome to NZ Health Partnerships Update to the Sector, January 2021.

News includes:

  • NZHP announces record annual results for 2020| A record $26.8m annualised benefits achieved for the 20 DHBs
  • Covid-19 central managed service support | How NZHP supported customers and the wider health system at a time of unprecedented demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Auckland-made face masks trialled by DHBs | A collaborate initiative between NZHP, Auckland and Waikato District Health Boards (DHBs) and manufacturer Lanaco, could see locally produced masks being made available to all DHBs.
  • DHBs to benefit from new data tool| DHBs will be able to gain better data insights and analysis through our Enterprise Command Centre (ECC) tool.
  • The Health System Catalogue Programme explained | How the new national health catalogue can save millions and support health equity.  

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