National Oracle Solution

Every year DHBs spend about $4.3 billion buying goods and services, including everything from office supplies and cotton wool buds through to prostheses and specialised surgical equipment. NOS is a single finance, procurement and supply chain system that all 20 DHBs will use to manage how these goods and services are sourced, ordered, delivered, stored, used and paid for.

It will replace DHBs’ currently siloed and ageing finance systems.

Most importantly, through NOS, for the first time, we will be able to see and compare the prices DHBs pay for the many thousands of goods and services they use each year.

The power of this data is transformational. We will be able to leverage the combined strength and scale of DHBs to negotiate better contracts and improve value for money.

Put simply, NOS represents the health sector’s biggest opportunity to reduce non-labour costs – ensuring less is spent on supplies and more on community and patient care.

NOS also creates equity of access to health technology. It will ensure that all DHBs, regardless of size or location, have access to the same equipment and most importantly at the same price.

It is also a strong platform to deliver greater innovation, efficiencies and strong benefits in the future. Improved information will help investment decisions, support capacity and resource planning, and drive standardisation of medical supplies which is key driver of better health outcomes.