National Oracle Solution

The National Oracle Solution (NOS) is the sector-approved programme to enable the delivery of procurement benefits, and replaces DHBs’ ageing finance and supply chain systems. It’s a standardised, sector-designed Oracle system for all 20 DHBs.

It delivers a large number of business activities, including:

  • receivables and debt collection
  • payable invoice processing and electronic payments
  • general ledger accounting
  • national month-end processing
  • project and asset accounting
  • requisitions and purchasing
  • inventory management and replenishment
  • national catalogue and contract management
  • financial and management reporting.

Overall, the depth and breadth of NOS provides more features and functionality than any current DHB system.

NOS represents the sector’s biggest opportunity to reduce non-labour costs, and in doing so improve patient care, and equity of access to technology. PHARMAC’s saving targets are dependent on good information management too. The ability to extract quality data easily will make a difference.

Outside of procurement benefits, NOS will help drive product standardisation across DHBs which is a driver of better clinical outcomes. It will reduce administration efforts across the sector, assist with policy and regulatory compliance, and minimise errors through improved control and management features.

NOS will also deliver a single point of electronic communication with suppliers. This will drive down the supplier cost which will improve the efficiency of both supplier and DHB supply chains. It will be more secure and reliable, and mitigates the risks associated with DHBs’ current, ageing financial systems.

While NOS is focused on financial, administrative and support services, the ultimate objective is to improve patient outcomes and look after the communities DHBs serve.


A Change Control Report is now in its final stages of approval.