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14 October 2021

MEET THE TEAM: Stephanie Regnier

Keeping tech projects on track for our customers 

Since joining NZHP in 2015, Stephanie has worked her way up from an administration support role to a business analyst and most recently was promoted to a project manager role in our FPIM Programme team. This position fulfilled a long-term ambition for Steph to return to being a project manager, which she had been in her native France. 

Stephanie Regnier, Project Manager, NZHP
Stephanie Regnier, Project Manager, NZHP

What does your role entail? As a project manager for the Finance Procurement Information Management (FPIM) Programme team, I make sure we track against our project plans, monitor progress and manage risks and issues along the way. I make sure we do what we say we’ll do. So, to summarise, a lot of planning, tracking, coordination, problem solving, documentation management and communication!   

How do you interact with our customers? Stakeholder engagement represents a big part of the role – our goal is to deliver benefits to our customers in the smoothest way possible. To do that, a clear communication and change management approach is crucial. We are lucky to have experts from our FPIM Organisational Change Management team working with us on it.   

What motivates you most about your role?  My role is intense and varied; every day brings a new challenge. I work with talented and passionate people, and I enjoy dealing with different teams across the business but also stakeholders and suppliers. They all have different points of view and priorities, and we need to work together and plan for the best outcome. The exciting part with project work is when, after a fair amount of pressure, it gets across the line, you can feel confident you helped deliver value to the sector. There are few jobs where you get the satisfaction of saying: “We have done it; what is next?”.  

What changes have you seen in the project management landscape during your time? Any key trends you are seeing now?  One major trend is certainly the acknowledgement of emotional intelligence (EQ) and its impact. Managing people is core to the role and understanding people’s (and your own) emotions is crucial to harmonious teamwork and high-performance project teams. Soft skills are now as important as hard ones. Also, with remote working being the norm now, the way we collaborate internally and externally has changed a lot, with great new project management tools. Indeed, clear communication is needed more than ever!

What do you enjoy most about working at NZHP? Originally from France, NZHP is the only company I’ve worked for in New Zealand. From day one, the people have been kind and supportive. I am fortunate to have had opportunities to work with different teams – always with great managers. I have made many friends and great memories along the way.