NZ Health Partnerships

About Us

Led, owned and supported by the country’s 20 District Health Boards, we were established as a Crown subsidiary on 1 July 2015.

Each DHB has an equal stake in NZ Health Partnerships and equal voting rights. The DHBs interact with us as co-creators, shareholders and customers.

Our initiatives are focused on creating financial efficiencies for DHBs to help them meet the increasing demands placed on the health system – particularly from an aging population and the rising cost of new clinical equipment. If nothing were to change in the way health services are funded and delivered, Government health spending would rise from around 7 per cent of GDP now, to around 11 per cent in 2060, according to Treasury estimates.

Our focus is on administrative, support and procurement activities that have direct and indirect clinical benefits. In addition to our shareholders, NZ Health Partnerships works collaboratively with a number of public and private sector organisations to ensure the successful delivery of programmes and services. These include healthAlliance NZ Ltd, healthAlliance (FPSC) Ltd, PHARMAC, Ministry of Health, The Treasury, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Department of Internal Affairs, National Health IT Board, Central TAS and HealthShare.

Our Structure

We are a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1993, controlled by the country’s 20 District Health Boards and defined as a multi-parent Crown subsidiary under the Crown Entities Act 2004.

We operate under board, programme and service governance structures with strong DHB representation.

Our core operations centre on our services: DHB Procurement, Collective Insurance and Shared Banking, and Food Services; and our programme: the National Oracle Solution.





Our Values

Our values underpin how we work together and engage with our stakeholders. They are central to our collective culture, and as individuals, we strive to live these values every day in the decisions we make, our planning and processes and our behaviours.


We are accountable for our performance through rigorous and regular analysis at both the individual and company-wide level.


We deliver on our promises, working together to exceed expectations and taking ownership to achieve quality outcomes.


We are always mindful of the needs of our stakeholders and respect the views and experience of others.


We work in an open, honest and collaborative manner to keep our stakeholders and all team members informed of our progress in a timely manner.